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EcoFlow 400W Rigid Solar Panel ZPTSP300

by EcoFlow

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• A 23% conversion rate to sunlight • All-black design that fits any house style • Built to last with an IP68 waterproof rating • Fast and Easy Installation • Up to a 10-year warranty

High Solar Energy Conversion

Made from highly efficient monocrystalline cells, the 400W rigid solar panel has an excellent efficiency rating of 23%, allowing you to charge faster than using similar-sized panels. Combine this panel as part of your existing PV system or Power Kits setup, and allow the integrated MPPT algorithm to optimize your solar input.

Waterproof & Durable

The 400W rigid solar panel is designed for the outdoors. With an IP68* waterproof rating and a robust anti-corrosive aluminum frame, the panel can withstand a wind speed of up to 130mph* and a significant snow load of up to 113lb* and continue to capture solar energy for years to come.

Off-grid & On-grid Solution

This high-wattage panel works for both on-grid and off-grid solar-powered setups, storing energy for outages, reducing power bills, or powering an off-grid home.

Universally Compatible

EcoFlow solar panels use an all-inclusive solar connector, so you can even use them with your existing 48V power system. The 400W solar panel includes a 300mm charging cable that gives you plenty of space to mount multiple panels, maximizing solar input.

What's in the box?

1. 2×400W Rigid Solar Panel
2. User Manual and Warranty Card
*The solar to XT60 charging cable is included in EcoFlow portable solar panels.

Short Circuit Current

Open Circuit Voltage

Connector Type
Solar Connector


Cell Type

Rated Power

Maximum Operating Voltage

Maximum Operating Current

Temperature Coefficient of Rated Power

Temperature Coefficient of Open Circuit Voltage

Temperature Coefficient of Short Circuit Current

Maximum Fuse Current

Maximum System Voltage
1500V DC (UL)

Dimension (inch)

Net Weight (kg)

Dimension (cm)

Net weight (lbs)

Do solar panels need to be cleaned frequently? Do solar panels need to be cleaned frequently?

Yes. When used outdoors for a long time, solar panels are prone to accumulate dust and foreign objects on the surface, causing a certain degree of light occlusion and reducing the output of power generation. Frequent cleaning keeps the surface of the solar panel clean and free of obstructions, allowing for better solar panel power output.

Can I connect solar panels in parallel?

Yes. Parallel connection can double the current and increase the power. You can refer to the requirements for solar controllers and energy storage devices to ensure that they support larger values of input current to better determine the number of parallel connected solar panels. Additionally, it is necessary to pay attention to select a wire with a suitable wire diameter for safe connection according to the change of the output current.

Can I use solar panels of different specifications for mixed use?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Different energy storage controllers have requirements and restrictions on the output of solar panels. When solar panels with different current values are used in series, they will be limited, resulting in the inability to release the output power and even the short-board effect of 1+1<2.

What are the precautions for the use of solar panels?

The solar panel is made of monocrystalline silicon wafer. During installation and use, please do not drop it on the ground with force, or use tools to hit the surface. Do not step on or sit on the solar panel, so as not to cause the monocrystalline silicon wafer to break and affect its use. Artificial damages will void the warranty.

What is the operating temperature range of the solar panels?

Please refer to the content in How to Choose the Installation Environment in this manual.

What is the power range that a 400W solar panel can typically achieve?

On a sunny day without clouds and direct sunlight, the power range of a 400W solar panel is between 320–350W (this data is obtained under the conditions of irradiance of 800–900W/m2 and the panel surface at 50°C (122°F)). The nominal data of the solar panel is obtained by testing under the conditions of AM1.5, meteorological conditions of 1000W/m2, and panel surface temperature of 25°C (77°F). A power close to the nominal value can usually be reached at midday on a sunny day in winter.

Why can't the solar panel reach the nominal power in actual use?

It is normal that the actual power does not reach the nominal power. You can get close to the nominal power by correcting for the following factors: 1. Light Intensity Changes in the intensity of sunlight will cause the output power to fluctuate up and down. The actual power will be closer to the nominal power when used at noon on a sunny day, and will be less than the nominal value in the early morning or afternoon. Weather conditions will also affect the amount of sunlight that shines on the panel.For example, you are much less likely to achieve the nominal power in hazy, cloudy, or rainy conditions. 2. Surface Temperature The surface temperature of the solar panel affects the power performance of the solar panel. The lower the surface temperature, the better the power performance. For example, when using solar panels in winter, the power is usually higher than in summer. Solar panels generally reach temperatures close to 60°C (140°F) during summer. This reduces nominal power by 10–15%, despite the higher levels of light shining on the panel. 3. Light Angle When the solar panel and the light angle are perpendicular, better power performance can be obtained. However, under special installation conditions (such as the roof of an RV), the solar panel can only be used in a tiled manner, which makes it impossible to form a vertical angle with the sunlight, resulting in a power loss of about 5–15%. 4. Light Occlusion When using solar panels, try to ensure that the surface is not covered, including projection, foreign objects, glass, etc., which will cause a significant drop in power. If all of the above conditions are met, but the power used is much smaller than the nominal value, it may be a fault situation. In this case, you can contact EcoFlow customer service for assistance.

EcoFlow Warranty Policy

Manufactures, suppliers, or publishers other than, may provide their own warranties to you. Please contact them for further information. 

Please note that the warranty period may vary according to local laws and regulations. Some countries, states, and provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty may last, so the limitation described above may not apply to you. You may have other rights from state to state, province, or country.


All EcoFlow products purchased on come with a limited warranty, as shown below. BY USING ECOFLOW PRODUCTS, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THE ECOFLOW LIMITED WARRANTY.

We provide a limited warranty for purchases on The warranty period started when the original purchaser received the products.

Exclusions and Limitations

This warranty does not apply:

· Non-quality related issues;

· Items purchased from unauthorized resellers;

· Purchases without valid proof of purchase;

· Items that have been refunded;

· Items that have expired their warranty period;

· Any defects or damages caused by misuse of products, unauthorized modification, dis-assembly or operation not in accordance with the official instructions or manuals;

· Any defects or damages caused by exposure to excessive heat, liquids or other external causes;

· Any defects or damages caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthorized third-party parts;

· Lost or stolen products;

· Free products.

Warranty Timeline

Item Warranty Period (refer to months, unless specified)
DELTA Max (1600/2000)
DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery
24+12 (Registration for warranty extension)
DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery
24+36 (Registration for warranty extension)
RIVER mini
RIVER Max Plus
RIVER Extra Battery
RIVER Pro Extra Battery
DELTA mini
Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)
85w (Discontinued)
400W Rigid Solar Panel 10 years
100W Rigid Solar Panel
100W Flexible Solar Panel 36
Wave Portable Air Conditioner
Wave Add-On Battery
Accessories 12
Smart Generator 12
Power Hub
Power Kits Console
2kWh/5kWh LFP Battery
DELTA 2 Extra Battery
5 years
R600/R600 Max/R600 Pro/EF-1500* 36
BLADE 36+12 (Registration for warranty extension)
GLACIER 12+12 (Registration for warranty extension)
WAVE 2 12+12 (Registration for warranty extension)
WAVE 2 Add-on Battery 24
DELTA Pro Ultra Battery 5 Years
DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter 5 Years

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Order Shipment:

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Product Quality Guarantee:

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  • Exchange Orders do not apply.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Puts out more than rated power

Currently own 4 ecoflow 400w ridgid panels. They put out more than rated power. As shown in photos 3 400w ecoflow panels connected in series produced 1286 watts Dec 15th 2023 on a not so sunny day. Of course the mounting brackets make them much easier to handle

Stephen L.

A large panel but well worth it, solidly build and works as advertised.

Robert S.

High quality solar panels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Puts out more than rated power

Currently own 4 ecoflow 400w ridgid panels. They put out more than rated power. As shown in photos 3 400w ecoflow panels connected in series produced 1286 watts Dec 15th 2023 on a not so sunny day. Of course the mounting brackets make them much easier to handle

Stephen L.

A large panel but well worth it, solidly build and works as advertised.

Robert S.

High quality solar panels.

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